Welcome to our school

The Russian Community School at St. Seraphim Orthodox Church was established in Brisbane in 1953.

The school offers the following courses for children 4.5 to 17 years of age:

- Accredited 11 and 12 grade course in Russian language.
Subjects in Cultural Studies, History, and Russian Literature
- Junior school for children in grades 1 to 10
- Preschool (for children eligible to attend Prep in Queensland)
In addition, the school may run classes for adults willing to learn and refine their knowledge of Russian.

Classes for grades 1 to 10 are held on Saturdays from 9 am till 12 noon. Classes for grades 11 and 12 are held once a week on weekday evenings. The school provides optional art and choir classes which are held on Saturday afternoon.

The school has created vibrant, enjoyable, and caring environment, in which children can flourish in their studies. The spirit of the school unites parents and encourages their participation in school and social activities. Parents are welcome to stay during the school hours and enjoy the company of other parents, traditional Russian food, tea and coffee.

Please refer to Russian version of school site for most up-to-date information.